Начать сначала | Start Over | 2022


Returning to his hometown, the Russian national rugby team's head coach shifts gears to become a P.E. teacher. His mission: transform a motley crew of discordant individuals into champions. The word "team" feels oversized for this group of former hooligans who can't stand each other. To secure a better life, they must set aside differences, uniting in pursuit of mastering the gentlemanly sport of rugby. It's a journey of redemption, unity, and learning the art of this challenging game.

  • Director

    Irina Gobozashvili

  • Writer

    Irina Gobozashvili

  • Cast

    Vladimir Sychev (Oleg Borovikov), Aleksey Shevchenkov (Daniil Semenovich), Vladimir Steklov (Victor Mikhailovich, Oleg's dad0

  • Producer(s)

    Evgeny Chernykh, Stanislav Druzhinin, Vladimir Sychev

  • Editor(s)

    Vladimir Oxanych

  • Music


  • Language(s)


  • Country(s)



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