Sony, a catholic man from rural central Kerala, India, comes across as a good-hearted leader. However, lurking behind his public persona is an entirely different character. Even as his family members become aware of his deeds, they are silenced by the system, which mindfully and actively protects men, their delinquencies, and secrets. The family thus becomes a sturdy closet, where skeletons of the past are kept unseen by the outside world. The film tries to understand how the family system operates like mafia when it comes to the crimes from within.

  • Director

    Don Palathara

  • Writer

    Sherin Catherine, Don Palathara

  • Cast

    Vinay Forrt (Sony) Nilja K Baby (Neethu), Divya Prabha (Rani), Abhija Shivakala (Jaya)

  • Producer(s)

    Sanita Chittilappilly

  • Editor

    Don Palathara

  • Music

    Basil CJ

  • Language(s)




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