Pachola Kadambariwar Adharit


"Pachola Kadambarivar Adharit" is a cinematic adaptation of R. R. Borade's acclaimed Marathi novel "Pachola" (Residue), written half a century ago. Set in rural Maharashtra, the narrative captures the poignant transformation of the village economy amid rapid modernization. As industrialization takes its toll, the specialized rural craftsmen, known as Alutedar and Balutedar, face extinction. The autobiographical account of Parvati unfolds the tender endurance of love amidst societal shifts, intertwined with the tragic flaws of her husband, Gangaram, a tailor. The film reflects the profound impact of time on both individuals and traditional livelihoods.

  • Director

    Shiv kadam

  • Writer

    R. R. Borade

  • Cast

    Mahesh Harbak, Shushma Shelke, Shreeveer Kadam, Daham Ingole

  • Producer(s)

    Ankushrao Kadam

  • Editor(s)

    Kalyani Shinde

  • Music

    Ghansyam pawar, Rahul Khare, Satish Jogdand

  • Language(s)


  • Country(s)



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