PRIVACY is a neo-noir social thriller that asks the question, how much access to someone’s private life is okay? Roopali is an ambitious police officer confined to monitoring CCTV footage of the bustling streets of Mumbai. After a burglary takes place on her watch, Roopali becomes troubled and ignores protocol to investigate the incident. As she delves deeper into the investigation, her obsession with the CCTV surveillance grows, leading Roopali down a dark path from which she may not be able to return.

  • Director

    Sudeep Kanwal

  • Writer

    Sudeep Kanwal

  • Cast

    Rajshri Deshpande (Roopali), Sandesh Kulkarni (Shinde), Nishank Verma (Ajay), Chhaya Kadam (Chanda), Saurabh Goyal (Balraj), Sagar Salunke (Raju)

  • Producer(s)

    Shlok Sharma & Navin Shetty

  • Editor(s)

    Faraz Malik

  • Music

    Samyuktha Narendran

  • Language(s)



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