The Old Oak | 2023


"The Old Oak" stands as the sole surviving pub in a once-thriving mining village in northern England, serving as a refuge for a community grappling with hardship. As resentment and hopelessness brew among the residents, the arrival of Syrian refugees further divides the already strained village. However, an unexpected friendship between the pub's proprietor, TJ, and a young Syrian woman named Yara offers a glimmer of hope, exploring themes of loss, fear, and the challenging pursuit of hope.

  • Director

    Ken Loach

  • Writer

    Paul Laverty

  • Cast

    Dave Turner, Ebla Mari, Claire Rodgerson, Trevor Fox

  • Producer(s)

    Rebecca O'Brien

  • Editor(s)

    Jonathan Morris

  • Music

    George Fenton

  • Language(s)


  • Country(s)

    United Kingdom, France and Belgium


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